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Children's Drawing Classes

$60 (Members $48)

Children will learn the mechanics of drawing to develop their own unique and individualized works of art. We will help students discover different artistic styles, drawing tools and special techniques to develop their own unique creations. Drawing is a critical foundation with most art forms and we strive to make this class a very encouraging and invaluable approach to creative drawing! Each class is 4 weeks and classes are tailored to age groups for K-4th grade and 5-8th grade students.

You can sign up for our classes and camps by using the PayPal buttons below or by printing off and mailing in a paper registration form, or by visiting/calling the Ankeny Art Center. Class registration is due by noon the Friday before a class begins, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Children's Drawing Classes

Sorry, we're not offering this class right now. Please check back later.